Performance Appraisal


dl3602Conducting  a performance review in a dental practice effectively  is vital to bringing  the whole team together.  While the practice principal has to continue  regular duties and ensure premier dental service delivery to their patients they still need to  maximise employee job satisfaction and organisational commitment in order to maintain  a profitable and CQC compliant practice.

Despite  acknowledging its importance in theory,  most dental practices  have tended to  undertake this procedure  too negligently with damaging results..

While performance appraisals are  essential for  CQC compliance  and  CPD requirements  they are also vital for business success. CQC has had a huge impact upon the dental industry with their uncertain outcomes and ‘forced change effects’ causing emotional ructions for staff –  confusion, defensiveness, resentment and burn-out.

However, if appropriately conducted,  this crucial management tool can actually bring the whole practice together and generate a positive reaction from team members. Effective performance appraisal can inspire all staff to buy into organisational aims and values, reinforce organisational commitment and motivate improved performance from support staff as well as dentists.

Esteem Consulting specialises in delivering performance appraisals in dental practices.

Our specially tailored solutions  include:
– Designing a bespoke performance appraisal system Performance appraisal training for two  members of staff  (one  for support staff and the other for dentists)
– Professionally validated certification and registration
– We also provide a 360 degrees performance appraisal   delivered by one of our consultants  as follows:

1. Employ an online psychometric questionnaire

2. Provide personalised feedback

3. Deliver a peer review of professional performance for dentists

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