Practice Management and CQC Compliance

State of the art Solutions  for Success

In order for dental practices to progress and prosper they have to continue evolving  by keeping up to date with not just technological innovation but also the organisational process of  managing institutional & individual change.

We can help you to comprehend plan, communicate & manage change as well as resistance to change among your staff while helping  you avoid disruption to your daily operations.  We can guarantee that our reform programme will boost your staff motivation and enhance their job performance as well as reaffirm their commitment to the practice.

Esteem’s dental team is led by an award-winning dental  management consultant with 20 years experience of successfully delivering comprehensive solutions to the key challenges facing dental practices:

  • Becoming completely CQC compliant -conducting essential training without disrupting essential business.
  • Transforming CQC compliance administration into a positive process boosting staff performance standards and professional motivation
  • Maximising operational efficiency within the workplace by utilising the most modern  performance management techniques
  • Inspiring & improving support staff productivity by employing  business psychology training methods  for  individual and team development
  • Guaranteeing premium staff recruitment & retention through psychometric testing, job analysis, performance appraisal and incentive schemes
  • Motivating performance appraisal tools

Esteem’s Complete Performance Appraisal Programme

Improving Performance