A performance management system that can bring financial success, employee commitment and CQC compliance to different dental practices.

Esteem’s Complete Performance Appraisal Programme:

  1. Implementing performance appraisal suited to your practice.
  2. Supplying cutting edge CQC compliant psychometric tools:
    Esteem’s Employee Evaluation Model (for support staff)
    Dental Leadership 360º (for practice principals, managers & dentists)
  3. Creating individualised personal development programme which includes the CPD cycle: planning, recording & reviewing.

Dental Leadership 360º: In association with Real World Group, Esteem Consulting has pioneered this unique 360º psychometric tool specifically designed for dental professionals in leadership roles.


  • Clarifies the gap between current performance and future potential.
  • Identifies individual development needs for CQC compliance purposes.
  • Enables effective personal development planing and incorporates CPD cycle activities.

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Facts: If performance appraisals are not implemented effectively managers perceive them as one of the most stressful aspects of their job; employees don’t find them accurate and often regard them  as just an opportunity to discuss pay; performance appraisals  are treated as a tick box activity rendering the whole process a  waste of time; performance appraisals are poorly executed , and in some cases employers  use them as an excuse to discipline employees which can lead to ongoing discontent.

Risks of neglecting to conduct Performance Appraisal procedures professionally:

  • Failing to detect wrong practices and identify employee potential
  • Not fully utilising all the resources in the practice
  • Demotivating staff commitment to the practice
  • Potential loss of  income
  • Industrial Tribunal Cases

Benefits of applying Performance Appraisal procedures effectively

  • Links  personnel performance to practice objectives
  • Helps identify employee attributes to tailor their job description and future development
  • Improves employees’  job satisfaction and organisational commitment
  • Improves staff motivation, professional responsibility and performance delivery
  • Raises patient satisfaction and referral rates
  • Increases commercial profitability

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