In association with Real World Group, Esteem consulting had pioneered this unique 360º psychometric tool for the whole team and is especially designed to be a pleasant tool for those in leadership position: managers, dentists and practice principals.

The DL360º is based on TLQ which is one of the world’s most researched 360-degree feedback instruments and most crucially it includes clinical population.  It has been tested and applied globally, and has rare, longitudinal evidence of the behaviours that it assesses having a direct impact on productivity.

The DL360º scale is business focused and build leadership that:
• Improves individual and team functioning
• Influences the wider organisational culture as well as own team
• Increases collaboration and partnership working within and between organisations 

• Focuses on getting and keeping customers, and providing optimal value to service users 
•Has honesty and integrity at its core.

Benefits of using the DL360º will provide your team with a new understanding of how they can be truly effective team members. The commonsense behaviours assessed will enable your people to enact a whole range of critical behaviours impacting on the bottom line. They are proven to help maximise the potential within your organisation and create greater productivity as well as more joined-up working. “Impact Measures” included in each report show the target member the extent to which they are currently impacting on their direct reports’ wellbeing at work and positive attitudes to work and ‘patients’. Applying the DL360º  means reducing stress and absenteeism, increasing employees’ motivation to achieve, satisfaction, commitment to their job and organisation, and self confidence. In short, it enables your leaders to get their job done more easily and effectively.

1. Clarifies the gap between current performance and future potential.
2. Identifies individual development needs for CQC compliance purposes.
3. Enables effective personal development planning and incorporates CPD cycle activities.

DL360º Performance Appraisal Steps:
1. Telephone consultation with a practice principal or a manager
2. Meeting with the whole team (1hour) Introduction to DL360º Performance Appraisal

3. Completion of the questionnaire online
4. Feedback session 1-2 hours (includes identification of development goals and alignment of career aspirations and practice objectives)
5. Quarterly review (includes CPD updates)



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