Pioneering Dental Staff Recruitment Solutions

Our dental recruitment method combines recruitment strategy and business psychology to optimise  staff performance.  We provide constant consultancy support to employers and employees  to ensure that this process continues to reward our clients..

We first help  clients  to identify which skills are most essential for their practice in relation to their relevant personnel requirements.  This analysis will enable us to  develop a tailor-made  job description and provide  appropriate person specifications to facilitate the selection process.  These details would be retained by  the practice for HR records (CQC requirement).

All of our candidates are vetted by  rigorous screening procedures  to validate their credentials and professional registrations.   We also  apply state-of – the art psychometric tests to obtain a complete picture of each candidate’s competencies and  potential capabilities so that we can accurately match a job description & person specifications to each candidate.

Our bespoke personal development programme is offered to each candidate to help them  find their ideal job.  We also continue to advise the practice  and support the candidate for the first three months of employment to ensure that the induction process is completed satisfactorily.

We provide a  three month warranty as a guarantee of success.