Esteem’s unique approach to coaching and career counselling is based on knowledge of personal and interpersonal characteristics that impact on behaviour in the workplace.  We use one-to-one coaching sessions to address specific development needs and to build a personal development plan. We help individuals to enhance the skills necessary to lead a business, successfully manage others and communicate effectively. Drawing on personality profiling, 360° assessments and individual coaching sessions, our flexible coaching process can be tailored to fit with the needs of the individual and the organisation.

Career Coaching:

In this challenging climate of economic instability and financial uncertainty, you may need do something different to change your life and redefine your future.  You may have been affected by the consequences of the changing economic environment:

  • Unexpected redundancies
  • Career stagnation & frustration
  • Constant rejections
  • Graduate unemployment
  • Unpaid internships
  • Pay freezes & reduced hours
  • Contractual insecurity

In order to overcome these obstacles, it is crucial to equip yourself with new skills, boosting your self belief to progress in your profession and improve your life chances.  Our wealth of experience in career counselling and professional coaching has enabled us to create a comprehensive programme of personal career development consultancy which can give our clients the self-awareness and self-confidence to achieve their aspirations.

As one of the few career consultancies that employ fully chartered occupational psychologists, we offer expert knowledge of helping clients cope with personal upheavals and negotiate career transitions by creating tailor-made solutions to suit special individual requirements.  Our unique understanding of what traits and tendencies inspire individuals to succeed in today’s commercial climate enable us to focus on your pragmatic interests without losing sight of your personal circumstances.


Individual career coaching:
We provide 1:1 coaching with value-added elements to ensure effectiveness :state-of-the art psychometric testing, up-to-date coaching psychology techniques, tailor-made tasks to address your particular needs as well as individual CV composition, public speaking practice and interview technique training.

Typical career coaching cycle:
– Free telephone consultation  –  This initial call enables the career coach to diagnose  individual needs in advance,agree initial aims and discuss prior preparation.  Appropriate psychometric tests would be conducted beforehand.

  • Session One  – The client’s current situation is discussed in the context of necessary decisions and challenges ahead.  Diagnostic tests are used to clarify and quantify their present circumstances  and preview their future potential.  Investigative inquiries and reflective evaluations are applied to  explore & expand professional options.  The coach provides tips and techniques to help facilitate  the practical process of change.
  • Session Two – This would take place 2- 4 weeks later to allow the individual to review  &  digest  the original discussion and complete any relevant research or exercises.

The career coach would help the client  to review these sessions over the phone if need be to ensure  practical  progress. Additional  group workshop sessions are offered to maintain motivation:CV composition, public speaking practice, interview technique training.


  • Explore and understand the change process you are undertaking. Realise your  current feelings and recognise the consequences in response to this development.
  • Review your CV, evaluate your achievements, explore your attributes, identify critical strengths and weaknesses; recognise your key capabilities.
  • Identify short, medium & long-term options and aspirations, reflecting  on both your career direction and personal life.
  • Think clearly, make decisions and take positive action.
  • Plan career transition
  • Maintain a positive professional focus   to help clarify your goals and own  your future.
  • Uphold your morale in  times of crisis
  • Realise your true talents through psychometric tests

Core Skills Workshop

Teenagers: Career Counselling

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