TEENAGERS: Career Coaching

You may be a teenager who’s unsure and anxious  about  making the right career choice. Perhaps you’re  wondering what would be  the most appropriate academic course  or workplace  apprenticeship that’s  best suited to your personality and capabilities.

Our specific programme for teenagers is designed and delivered by consultants who  have decades of experience working with young adults and possess in-depth knowledge of the difficulties that they encounter.

  • We can help you to  clarify your future direction in life.
  • We can  support you to improve your confidence and discover how to become more focused, organised and motivated.
  • We can also assist you to  address any emotional difficulties you may be experiencing throughout this process supportively and confidentially.

Our programme offers:

1. An initial telephone consultation.
2. An online questionnaire.
3. A 90 minute starter session to plan an assessment and development strategy .

This  programme will normally involve:

1. 3-6 coaching sessions.
2. Two CV development and interview skills sessions.

We also organise regular workshops designed to be enjoyable & highly interactive in order to help:

1.  Boost your confidence.
2.  Manage your time more  efficiently and effectively.
3.  Improve your focus and motivation.
3.  Eliminate your frustration, apathy and anger.